We offer consultancy on stakeholder engagement in the north-west and beyond. Understanding the political atmosphere that surrounds a proposed scheme is crucial for any public affairs campaign. This includes knowing:


  • Will the political scene change in the months leading to determination of a planning application? For example, is an election due to take place?
  • What is the likelihood of political change in the project’s relevant local authorities and how will this affect you planning application?
  • What impact might new and evolving planning policy have on planning decision-making?


RDPA can plan and implement a programme of political analysis to determine any or all of the above. Our experienced team will undertake research on all stakeholders relevant to your scheme, including elected and non-elected representatives.


Armed with this analysis, we can then help developers to shape and deliver a scheme that meets both planning and political requirements, with a view to create and maintain good relations. Councillors and representatives value being kept up to date on projects, and RDPA has years’ of experience in communicating quickly-moving projects to those that matter. Whether it’s a courtesy call to see if they have any questions, or an urgent update, we are well-versed in handling stakeholder relations on behalf of our clients.
The result? Creating and maintaining a positive environment to help you win planning permission and operate happily for years to come.


Our stakeholder engagement services include:


  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Liaison



If you’d like to learn more about how RDPA can assist you throughout the planning consultation process or any aspect of your development proposal, get in touch today.