RDPA Case Study – ASDA Stores Ltd

Posted on August 21st, 2013


Asda Stores Ltd is one of Britain’s most loved supermarkets in the UK. Formed in 1949, the company specialises in food, clothing and general merchandise and boasts more than 500 stores across the UK.


RPDA was brought on board to engage the local community in regard to proposals for the redevelopment of Spring Gardens Road in Longton and to help secure approval for a 45,000 sq ft superstore at the location. Our key tasks included:

  • Liaising with tenants on-site, who would need to be relocated to make way for the development
  • Mobilising support among local residents, some of whom were initially against the proposals
  • Engaging the local media and communicating positive messages about Asda and the redevelopment of Spring Gardens Road.


What we did and how we did it

RPDA initiated a comprehensive programme of consultation events in the run-up to the application. We also developed and agreed upon a series of key messages on the development, which would highlight the socio-economic benefits of broadening the retail offer in the area.

A number of one-to-one meetings with local councillors and MPs were set up and carried out alongside on-site meetings with tenants and members of the local community. We also offered a 24/7 proactive PR service, which aimed to capitalise on any promotional opportunities and keep abreast of relevant developments.

In addition, RPDA initiated a broad programme of social media engagement, which aimed to feed information directly to the local community and mobilise support among people that are typically unengaged with the consultation process. Online efforts were also supported by a bespoke project website, hosting a variety of information on the development proposals.


More than 165 people were attracted to the public consultations on the development over a period of three days and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 95 per cent of respondents expressing approval for the scheme.

A range of positive stories were published on the proposals within the local press, including encouraging comments from councillors and local residents. RPDA developed a good working relationship with the council in regard to the scheme, along with the support of the local MP and other identified stakeholders.